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Numatic Range

NRV 200-22

The 200 series has all the many features of the Henry design with full professional Twinflo power and performance; Hi-lo operation; Tritex filtration, but with the addition of extended commercial 12.5 metre cable rewind and storage system.

There are two variations of this model, the 200 with its full range of standard accessories and the 200T, TurboElectric, with its own unique 24 volt floating power brush system adjusting automatically to varying floor surfaces.


The all steel deep drawn power head incorporates the patented Microtec noise reduction system and Twinflo performance. Filtration is to Tritex standard and the container is also single deep drawn steel pressing with 4 wheel mobility and stability.

Standard accessory kit is to the same high standard, even down to stainless steel tubes and full size combination floor tool.

GVE 370

The “all-in-one” machine that is at home be it in the wet or dry. This classic “all-in one” can dry vacuum, wet vacuum, scrub and dry hard floors, deep cleaning upholstery, unblocking the sink, you name it, George is your man.

The combination of highly efficient Twinflo bypass vacuum motor and powerflo pump system provides you with professional cleaning standards.

When dry vacuuming, you have a dry filter, a use of disposable Microflo dust bags, and a combination floor tool. In the wet mode, an exchange of the dry filter for the safety float valve allows any number of wet tasks to be achieved.


When the need is for a bigger, but still portable commercial wet or dry machine, the 570 series sets its own standard.

First you have the full Structofoam construction. This is a material formulation embodying all the strength needed for bigger machines, but with no weight gain. It doesn’t dent, scratch or deteriorate from standard cleaning chemicals.

The power and performance are to the full Twinflo standard with a choice of one or two motor powered machines. The accessories provided are 38mm as standard and allow for full wet or dry operation.

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